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I love traveling, trying new things and having fun. I am young but have been through a lot and have a large opinion on things :)
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Aren't puppies the cutest thing you ever seen? They are so cute and cuddly and clumsy. Most people take puppies over having babies! So, you went out and got yourself a puppy, you have never had a puppy before, what do you do? What type of food do you feed it, hard or soft? How do you ...
Relationships can be such hard work at times. There are those who have trouble even staying in a relationship. You sit there and wonder if it was you or him/her. You want to make it work so bad, but does he/she? This article helps with some advice and tips and what to avoid and what n...
This yummy heart filled soup will make you want more! It is very simple and you can even turn it into burrito's/taco's if you desire! If you love Mexican food this is one food you do need to try if you already haven't!
How to make a great resume. Resume's sometimes can be very difficult. A lot of websites also charge you on making a professional resume, but you can do it easily at home on your computer. I will tell you the easy steps on what should be included in a resume, and than some helpful tips...
Your precious little baby has turned into a monster!! Teenagers are way to hard to handle at times. They talk back, don't listen, lie, hang out with the wrong crowds, dress in outfits we do not approve of, swear, crash cars, drink, get into drugs and so much more we probably don't eve...
This page describes the economy and most of our situations currently by being unemployed. There are some money saving tips and ways to make some extra cash to try to get through life at this point. It seems as if the government can give a shit less about how we are doing right now.
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