Angelique Newman

Angelique Newman
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I'm a writer, blogger and a member of RWA. I'm interested in the environment and when I'm not writing I'm usually spending time with my family.
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Recent pages by Angelique Newman

How could you love an animal so much that you’re actually killing them with kindness? Sadly that’s what happened to us and no matter how much we wish we could turn back the clock and do things right it’s too late. Our pet, friend, loyal companion is lost to an inevitable fate.
Butterflies play an important part on our eco-system by pollinating a great deal of our harvests as well as gauging our environment’s health. Here's how we can help maintain the butterfly’s population and better our environment by creating an eye catching butterfly garden.
No matter how well a manuscript is written, many publishing houses will not accept a writer’s manuscript unless they have that all-important agent. Here are a few tips to help finding an agent that best suits you.
The serene beauty of our ocean has become a plastic soup over years of abuse. What to do and how to stop it from getting worse.
There's more to your pet than a friendly nuzzle and someone to greet you when you arrive home. Scientists have found animals can lower stress and may indeed increase your life span.
One doesn’t have to mention who it is without knowing that it’s a dog. Here is the story and eulogy of Missouri’s Old Drum as well as an incredible example of “man’s best friend” in Japan.
Garbed in a periwig and fancy clothes, Stede Bonnet who knew nothing of captaining took to sea, his sloop stocked with his beloved books and a mind set to become pirate.
A lively redheaded beauty; Anne Bonny was a wild-heart who refused to be bound by society even if it meant mayhem and murder. The life of a pirate beckoned to Anne and a pirate she would be.
In the years between 1716 and 1718 was the rise and fall of Blackbeard; one of history's most famous pirates.
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