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I am a stay at home mother from beautiful North Alabama. I have 3 wonderful children.12 yr old twin girls and my 2 yr old niece.
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The pro's and con's of owning a German Shepherd. What it takes to raise a German Shepherd. And what it is like being a friend to one of these majestic dogs!
In honor of Black History Month I am doing this article on famous African American inventors and how they improved our everyday lives.
The events that lead to The Great Depression and how they compare to the recent recession
My second list of strange and somewhat funny phobias. As with the first one not meant to offend anyone, just entertaining.
Not only is dancing good for you physically, but mentally as well. Whether you are a professional or just like goofing around in your house the benefits are amazing!
Ways to prepare yourself and your family for these devastating storms, and how to deal with the aftermath.
I will answer once and for all the age old question " Are daddy long legs poisonous or not?" And the answer may shock you!
This is in response to Mark Gordon Brown's factual article challenge. Hope it's pretty good I don't do this too often.
I have been collecting quotes for YEARS now and thought I would share some of my favorite ones.
Good oral hygiene really can help you to lose some of those excess pounds.. read further to find out how!
A new website that allows your kids to meet and video chat with complete strangers
A poem about true love and desire written for my husband
A poem I wrote from the other persons point of view looking into myself
This is a brief explanation of the changes coming soon to everyone's Facebook pages
Why positive reinforcement works and when you need to use it
This is an article about the puzzle ads it shows at the corner of the page and my obsessive need to finish it!
This is an article about my personal experiences with miscarriage and the cruelty of some people when it comes to the death of a child
This is a poem about trust and love and opening yourself up to all it has to offer
A short poem about love going wrong, and the hope you still hold on to
A poem I wrote after my first miscarriage in 2006, hope it helps to express someone else's feelings over the loss of their own child
A poem about true love and what it feels like to be in love
A short poem about someone having difficulties opening themselves up to the possibilities of love.
What to expect and you can do to help the situation if you find yourself with a man who has "mother issues"
This poem actually means a lot to me as I wrote it for the baby I lost this past year.
A simple poem about depression and the need to find some kind of hope in life
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