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I'm a UP Manila BS Public Health degree. I dance and write a lot. I have scary big dreams. My materials would mostly be on either politics, arts or personal queries.
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you don't need great words to write, you only need 5 MINUTES! The 5 minute challenge: are you up for it? Write whatever, however you want in a poem-like form with the topic of SUMMER. The only rule, it has to be within only 5 minutes. see how creative your writing can get. :) Pos...
A letter addressed to the Philippine Senate about plagiarism.
My personal review and experiences on the 2009-2010 UP Manila Campus Elections.
My personal review of the 2008-2009 UP Manila Campus Elections
A blog entry (formerly posted in explaining to my friends why I did not plan out a 18th birthday party.
One of my most earliest work from junior year, highschool.
An anecdote (formerly recorded in of what happened to me in December 5 of 2008.
A blog entry (formerly posted in on the then, very trendy promotional strategy of companies of giving out planners.
I loved coffee so much, I made a paper on it and passed it for academic requirement.
What Others Say will be one of the entry series I would be opening (?), launching (launching seems big, haha), in my blogs. This bit is all about those statements people have said to me in the past- the good and the bad. Now, I forget about a lot of things, but somehow some of them st...
The phase in my life formed its own rhythm. Writing it down to remember.
Poetry I wrote back in high school. I don't really know if they're any good. It just feels therapeutic to release right now.
ad libitum, the Latin meaning. At one's desire. A word vomit of the culminating and worst part of the day.
How to best get your music depending on your lifestyle
What is omega 6 and why do most people have too much of it?
Is there a genetic link for obesity between parent and child?
First of the many unearthed, unpublished articles I wrote before.
A personal take on the GMA RH Bill debate aired a few weeks ago.
How I got to writing online and the whole concept of writing (both definitions).
Me, Introducing myself as a writer to this community of writers.
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