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Sixto Marcelo
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Professional graphic designer and writer.

I try to be helpful as much as I can with the kind of information I put out. Pop culture, tech, business, music and art are my points of interest.
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You could consider yourself lucky to be having happy problems if only for the fact that they are the ones that usually offer you rewards either of huge financial or industrial value.
A successful product indie service, brand or business model, once it begins to enjoy the patronage of its target market and hits the value delivery bulls eye has no other business direction that it could take except forward towards mainstream retail.
Retail stories never end because consumers and retailers never want such stories and the satisfaction/revenue stream to end.
Some unsigned bands augment their income by selling band merchandise to their fans. Is this some form of sell-out or not? Let's examine.
Sometimes people need to make adjustments on their lifestyles owing to various reasons governed by personal choice or circumstance. Here are some of the most common reasons why a lifestyle change might be necessary for you.
Consumer imagination is an interesting thing to handle but could truly be challenged and nudged in a direction favorable to brands if the brand story is told exceptionally well.
You know you've missed the bandwagon completely the moment you latch on to a trend that has become so visible to ignore. Here's why...
Not all of us end up in the dream jobs that we long for. More often than not, we end up in jobs that we applied for simply because they are the ones available and could provide us with the kind of pay we might find worthwhile. The best career choice however is the one you make along t...
Content marketing using social media as a tool has occassioned the rise of flash mob marketing. This seems to have gotten a lot more attention from people owing to its novelty and high entertainment values, not to mention the virality it achieves online. Let's examine why.
Brick and mortar retail in its various forms uses playlists and customized broadcast to enhance the consumer experience. This is why the instore experience has changed tremendously over the years.
People always ask questions before buying because they need to know what they're getting in exchange for their hard-earned money. Common sense dictates that as a retailer you need to know all the right questions people might ask so that you'd know how to answer all of them advantageou...
There are people who work behind the scenes who make successful rock bands on tour do their work and make tours go smoothly. People don't usually pay much attention to them although they all deserve to be. It's about time we all come to know about the work they do to better appreciate...
Classic rock band reunions aren't usually done just for old times' sake or their fans. They also have a serious business side to them that makes money for promoters and the band's members. That's why when such reunion tours push thru, promoters and bands laugh all the way to the bank ...
Get-rich-quick schemes have been exposed time and again but some people still fall for them. Be on the lookout for scammers' schemes by checking your greed meter and knowing about the tell-tale signs of fraud in investment dealings.
How you manage to get to work in time everyday depends on how well you've mastered the yoga of rush. It's a matter of staying focused once you've come to an agreement with life that a day's work begins the moment you manage to pull yourself out of bed.
There are parties that people go to with the idea that everyone that they will be meeting there could play hosts and guests all at the same time. They are called potluck parties that you invite yourself to but nobody minds.
Sometimes the best vacation option could be found somewhere closer to a place so familiar with you it becomes a relief knowing just where it is and how accessible it could always be --- and at no real expense.
We could all be unwitting spectators to the oldest show on earth --- the parties we go to and the freak parades we sometimes get forced to see in the process.
Many people love to live up to their respective ideas of what it takes to be cool not realizing perhaps that doing so could in reality be --- so uncool.
Companies must strive to find a growth-worthy alignment between their brands and the goals of consumers so that brand loyalty is achieved.
Biking your way to work is a green way of traveling to your workplace and back home especially now that new technology has been introduced to the idea --- foldable bikes.
Design thinkers would always be guided by technical feasibility, manufacturability and retail viability. The viability of the "what if" is the premise that ultimately determines how a business or retail idea fares in the end.
Your objective of film festival participation is purely business driven by the bottomline. For filmmakers and producers, however, it will always be a compromise situation.
Making people change the way they view things, believe things, or go about doing things could only take place once doing so offers them a “zone” more comfortable than the one they’re currently in.
How a retail store smells while you're inside contemplating a purchase affects your buying mood.
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