daniel ogbeifun

daniel ogbeifun
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Daniel Ogbeifun is a young entrepreneur based in Nigeria. Aside managing http://www.sharpedgeforum.com, he organizes seminars and symposiums with a wonderful team, teaching about the features in the forum. He has authored more than 15 books and 35 ebooks. He is at present the Editor/ senior writer of SharpEdge magazine.

You may read more at the website http://www.sharpedgeforum.com
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think about it for a moment. has she ever lied to you or will she ever lie to you? this is a question that every man ought to answer if you have someone you cherish as a lover.
men will always remain cheats. but why? why is it that some men just can't control that innate urge. i have 10 reasons to give you
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thinking of writing a CV that will land you an interview and probably the job? this top 10 strategies to cover letter writing are sure to aid you whatever the type of CV you may have in mind.
have you ever found yourself loving your best friends boyfriend? lets admit it...it does happen and that is only because we are human. what if you could actually have him all for your self? well, let me show you how.
the question of size how always been a question plaguing the minds of most men. but does size really matters when it comes to satisfying a woman? the answers varies; depending on the woman in question.
most men are afraid of getting committed in marriage even when they appear to be in love for so many reasons. what if you know how to get the man to make a commitment. this is the essence of this article.
even before putting up a job opening, the employer already has some key things he needs from the prospective employee. what are those key things? they are not far-fetched.
sometimes sisters can be a real pain in the ass and we would be all out to have a pound of flesh. want to be a modern day shylock to your stubborn sister, then here are a few peps to get you started
searching for jobs online, though daring could prove a real success if you go about it the right way. in this article, i have provided tactical steps to locating your first job online.
Nigerian women make the best bed partners anywhere in the world and they are in high demand as wife materials. the reasons are not far fetched when you begin to compare them to their fellow women outside Nigeria. lets see why they are the best.
sometimes, will fall in love because we are human. how do you know she is the right one and not just playing along to rip you off? there are signs if only you are ready to look. though gold diggers are always smart, but they cant hide forever
Abortion has become more popular with the high rate of promiscuity in our society. Should abortion be allowed? Is it a sign of societal decadence? Does it have inherent dangers? What are the side effects? This article tackles all these issues.
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