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Canadian scientists who have studied peculiarities of relations between men and women, found after what goodbye best move from romance to practice. According to Canadians, just met, people need a little time to get used to one another, as well as for making a decision whether to conti...
Specialists Psychologist magazine revealed one single male quality that operates flawlessly on women as a whole and in terms of sex.
Beach in summer - this is one of the best places to have fun and carefree, emotional and positive time. Also - this place is a concentration of beautiful bodies. Desire can reach you at any moment, and because sex on vacation - it's so exciting, bold, daring and extreme. WANT gladly t...
There are four categories of men for whom marriage it familiar and simple. Such individuals are kept in a marriage on the strength of five years, then divorced and immediately start looking for a new female candidate for a hike to the registrar. What is the reason for such irresponsib...
MD, an Englishman Davis Wicks calculated that good sex helps people feel younger, on average, 7 years. Naturally, it is not a routine "ridiculous movements," and about the full intimate pleasure. Colleagues Dr. Weeks outlined a list of things that are expected of men first sexual enco...
On the topic of food and sex can talk endlessly: who likes or dislikes, how to do it better, and what it takes. But unlike gastronomy, in judgments about sex a lot more hype and even myths. What is shown in the films XXX and write in journals not always precisely rarely coincides with...
Leading nutritionists world recommend to those who want to look young, radically revise your diet, exclude certain products.
We are accustomed to thinking that we know about men's desires and dreams all. Large amount of literature, personal experience, various studies. But it turned out that men also hide something from us.
Among the useful features include sex and increase mental capacity, and increased life expectancy, and getting rid of extra pounds and maintain a balance of hormones in the body. It is reported inform group ALIS.
Line between refined and bad taste is very thin. Excessively long hair incorrectly applied concealer can suddenly turn you into an example of how you should not do.
According to experts, in any case can not be abused grilled dishes. Their components reduce endogenous energy and trans fats, which they contain, are a source of "bad" cholesterol, which provokes cardiovascular disease.
A time when constantly thirsty. After the summer heat increases sweating, and our body is constantly losing a lot of water. Therefore, liquid stocks should promptly replaced. But why are we so desperately needed water? And what drinks are equally well suited for all family members?
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