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CEO and owner of business concerns in the Industrial instrumentation field, followed by a career change, returned to college for an MA psych then 20 years in mental health & correctional counseling.
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How identity and Character are interrelated, Why character can be the corruption of identity. How too decide when you have to make choices.
Do you have a unified identity, how many faces can one person have, how to get all that chatter to one voice that is yours.
I am continuing to discuss feelings, the misunderstanding or lack of understanding of them and their role in identity formation and the on-going exercises for the development of feeling awareness.
How feelings challenge us, how little feeling is acceptable and and how our acceptance or rejection of our feelings shapes our identity.
Examining the outcome of your experiment, learning what it means, and further development of personal tools for self-change.
In this entry, I will, as promised begin to help you define identity, begin the development of a personal compass for guidance, and support you in experiencing who you are and how well that is working for you. Once you are able to experience yourself change as the result of changin...
When I came to to write I discovered, Ironically, that the Identity category had no writers. Clearly I thought, I am in the right place. If you sometimes feel that you have important questions but get mostly blank stares, off the wall opinions or silence in response the...
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