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I really enjoy writing articles for Triond and Wikinut and I also enjoy the communities a lot.

My articles are about everything between heaven and earth. I write about the things I find interesting but also about what other people are interested in.

My articles are very unpredictable and I hope you'll check them out to see if something interests you.

I really appreciate people who read my articles and I attach great importance in reciprocating this service.




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Recent pages by BluSphere

You probably already know some of these games but check them out, you might not know them all.
This is my article about a lot of crazy things in this world that you didn't, but want to know.
This is the article where I will post links to good pages, tips, videos and help to learn the Hardstyle-Melbourne shuffle.
This is the guide on how to earn money with your computer and your brain as the only tool.
This article will look into every little piece of the games and find out which is the best.
This is a Step by Step guide on how to earn cash using!
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