Alfred Lunsin

Alfred Lunsin
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"I am a student from one university in Malaysia specialize in computer science and interested in sharing knowledge. In addition, I am also active with several sites that pay"
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Hello everyone I come back I said before today with a pleasure I will show you all how to create a form in HTML. Okey..first I want to remain you all to recalled previous lesson in HTML basic part 1 and Part 2 because you need to applied it in this part.
Some people don't know what they talking about. Talking about God is sins what more talking " WHO CREATED GOD". Do your ever thinking like these?
Like I said before this is the second pages for basic HTML and it's start to get excited from now on. The topic we will discuss is how to make your text bold,italic and underline. Furthermore, how to make your pages arrange properly like I mention before. Then how to import videos and... you know HTML ? yeah I sure you know don't you..So today I want to share something basic HTML.
Like I said before this is part 2 for Unexpected here will be begin the conflict and the challenge. Then this the all answer the question that John need to know.
Today i will share something story about a group of student take a trip in one place that beautiful but hide by challenges.
I want to share you all about my testimony about The End OF World. I not make a joke or liar. But this true.
Here some stuff food in Sabah/ i mention before sabah is famous with name " The Land Below The Wind". I know most of you never eat stuff from Sabah. But, today with grateful I want to share some food famous in Sabah we called it " HINAVA ". I know it sound strange but ho...
Sabah is famous throughout Asia are not included in the country or abroad. Among the tourist attractions is Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia and not only that Sabah is known for rich natural resources.
Hari ini saya ingin berkongsi tips sebelum menjelang peperiksaan apa yang perlu dilakukan. Today I want to share tips prior to the examination of what should be done.
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