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Johnny Knox
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I am an enthusiast of creative writing and, as an industrious and working-hard freelancer, what I am attempting to do in my work is not only to glorify the subject, but also to delight my readers.
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Wedge cars were a trend in car manufacturing in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Discover your own favorite futuristic car!
For all the ice cream fans out there, here is a post on some very unique ice cream trucks that you can find around the world.
In this post I present a few electric cars that most likely will draw the attention of anyone interested in the future of cars.
Some words have more value than others and some need to be forgotten forever. From the Edgar Hoover Files to Edward Snowden the war on secrets remains. You might be a part of it.
You can love Germany for a variety of reasons, but cars ale always included. Here is a view on three of Germany’s best car museums.
A quick look on what happened at the Frankfurt Auto Show this September. The Frankfurt motor show is the biggest in the world.
A new research study shows how office workers are regularly sharing sensitive information with other colleagues concerning the company that employs them.
This is a short guide to the world’s most prestigious car and motorcycle festivals for all car enthusiasts and motor sports aficionados out there…
A new factory will start producing MINI cars in the Netherlands after 47 years...
Messi vs Ronaldo... For sure the two of them compete for the title of the best footballer but do they compete on who's driving the best cars as well!?
We live in the digital age and everything indicates that we... love it!
Europe-Park is one of the most visited European theme parks. Discover why...
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