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Suraj Bastakoti
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I Am a freelance web articles writer!!!!!!!!!!!
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Everybody in this world is running behind one thing and i.e. non other than money. Money is that word which attracts people to do any sorts of bad jobs and it is its main disadvantage which is directly affecting the people having no money. For e.g. if someone has an enemity with some ...
As we know that, today the world is really in 21st century because every work we do has become very easier due to the advanced technology of IT and ecommerce. The word IT stands for information technology and from this we came to know that it is the technology of giving information to...
Everybody has their own popularity and beauty. To maintain the beauty, people mainly girls use cosmetic products and perfume,scent also fall in it. Beauty should be natural but not artificial and those who look beautiful using such products can't be considered their beauty because bea...
Today we are really in a modern age i.e. we are getting every facilities which are really changing our present life. Facilities are offered according to the changing generation and different technologies are going on as per the changing generation and it has made the human life easier...
In this world there are different people having interests in different things and they are talent in their respective fields. Among different talents writing is also one of them and writing also has its own category i.e. somebody have talent in writing poems.articles,essays etc. In th...
Today everybody has want in different things but first of all they are in need to earn their livelihood so, its very important for them to be engaged in some works to get their demand. As we know that business really has a great role in the development of any country and side by side ...
Today the world is crawling towards development and in the course of development many challenges come and one should have an idea to face it and move forward. We have really seen that most of the developed countries have their own idea to move and side by side business has an importan...
Today no one is there who don't want money, everybody needs money in any way because we need money in every sector of our life. To get it people face many problems and challenges in every step of their life.
Today everybody is in search of works in which they are capable of and they really want to be busy in order to engage themselves in different sectors. Among different sectors involving in jobs is also one of them through which one can remain busy.
Health is the precious thing in this world for everybody. If there is health means there is everything and everybody should try to maintain their health either by doing exercise or taking diet. Besides taking diet exercise is very much important for everybody.
Everybody has interest in different things and they have many likes and dislikes. There are many people who have the very nice personality due to which they are well known about the person and he\she becomes popular.
Every in this world has their own talent and among their talents writing is also one of them which is very easy in the sense that we don't need to go anywhere else to do it.
Family has its own importance in the society and there are different families having different status.
Today the world is moving towards development because of the well development of business in any country. It really has a significant role in the development of the country. Opportunities are also moving around us but we are unable to catch it and understand it properly.
In every step of our life there is a hand of someone and he\she moves forward following the suggestions of somebody.
Today in this world we can hear different problems and events going on daily and we get such informations through papers and different medias in the form of news. so, in today's world it has really a significant role.
Everybody in this world is not healthy. They are unknown about it that without health nothing is there and they only think that money is everything which is totally wrong.
Everybody in this world is not perfect by birth. They learn everything from their parents, elders and surrounding. If they are taught good things then they learn good and if taught bad then they learn bad because they don't know what is wrong and what is right.
Everybody in this world is not healthy. They are unaware about that, "health is wealth". It is the most important proverb which every people should follow up and try t maintain their good health.
Today the world is crawling towards development because of business, so it really has a vital role in the development of a country.
Family and daily life are very much related to each other i.e. in every step of an individual there is a support of his\her family and its members directly or indirectly.
As we know that health is wealth ,so to gain wealth we must maintain our health first.
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