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Kirsten H
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I am a freelance writer who has written for local magazines and am expanding my portfolio to the web. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper, or computer nowadays!
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If you are battling every night to get your child to bed there is no need. Take these few tips and your family will all be in a better mood
If you are looking to earn extra money, RedGage is a perfect site to join.
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The must have holiday toys for 2010. Shop now so you don't miss out.
In this economy saving every dollar helps. Grocery shopping is easy to spend more than you than you budgeted for. Save money with these tips.
Are you tired of high heating costs? Use these tips to save money on your winter heating bills.
When you are trying to be healthy finding the right foods that fit your meal plan can be challenging. Here are some great suggestions to keep you healthy and help you reach your goal.
If you are wondering how to increase the number of calories you burn check this out.
Creating a spooky Halloween party can make a difference for a successful party. Learn about these great Halloween theme cocktails and make a fabulous party!
Using Xanax to calm your nerves can be helpful. It is an addictive drug that can be prevented with the tips below.
When purchasing clothes for your child, the expense can be immense. Try these tips and save a lot of money.
If you are deciding a new career path or just beginning, taking a moment to know what fields are hiring is important.
Diet is a dirty word. Dieting is a part-time way to lose weight, not keep it off. There is a smarter and better way to do this.
Today children are watching too much television. You can help cut the amount of television your child watches with a few steps.
There are many ways to keep in shape. Combining many factors you can achieve your goal, see how.
Picking a cocktail for every season can be fun and make your party a hit.
Martinis can be made in many different ways. Knowing this is the key to make a perfect martini.
There are many ways you can change your fitness level, it takes more than just exercise.
Painting a room to create a quick change is fantastic. To make it perfect, you need to clean up any mess that is made.
Make pregnancy easier and more enjoyable. Exercising can benefit you and your baby in many ways.
There are great reasons to pay off your credit card off in total each month, keep reading and find out why.
If you can't manage your bills and are incurring late fees, this article is for you.
After school when your child comes home it can be a challenge to get everything organized. Follow a few steps to make it easy.
Back to school shopping can be a fincial planning nightmare. It doesn't have to be.
Job hunting is not easy in this economy. Many people think there are certain rules you must abide by. The rules have changed.
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