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I'm a mother of one gorgeous baby girl I like to call Boo and also help my husband run a home improvements business. I like to write about business and saving money and the humour of everyday life.
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Mother`s Day - a time to reflect and appreciate everything our mothers have done for us.
How to dramatically increase your blog views with one free and simple step.
An inspirational poem about staying true to yourself.
A recipe for a super simple but delicious macaroni and cheese that is sure to please the whole family.
Eleven essential steps to consider when writing any blog including how to create a custom header, important factors to consider when choosing a layout and what to do to gain more readers.
The advantages and disadvantages of Wordpress vs. Blogger.
A recipe for a simple but delicious creamy chicken stew you can cook in your slow cooker.
How to (freely) research keywords for your articles to achieve higher SEO.
A list of horror movies to watch on Valentine's Day.
Some Children's shows are more irritating than others and here's a list of my top three to avoid in order to save your sanity.
Simple and Natural Remedies for the Woes of Pregnancy including Exhaustion, Frequent Headaches, Blurry Vision and Period-like Cramps.
Causes of, Prevention and tips to cover up unsightly cold sores.
Four of my favourite (and inexpensive) educational toys for toddlers.
easy and delicious chicken noodle soup using rottisserie chicken
a list of non alcoholic alternatives and mocktail recipes
My earnings from the article writing sites I publish on including WikiNut, Triond and ExpertsColumn.
In the last article I discussed how to turn $20,000 into $200,000, and this article will explain how to save up the initial investment and which bank account to use.
With the beginning of a new year comes a fresh start, an opportunity to make a new years resolution to better ourselves in some way.
How to turn an investment of $20,000 into $20,000 with minimal risk for retirement or large future purchases.
A simple (and readily available) cure to help combat morning sickness.
How to monetize your blogs page views instead of relying on unpredictable clicks.
Tired of eating the same thing morning after morning? Here are a few healthy breakfast ideas.
Where you can find free copyright free images for your WIkiNut Articles or Blog.
There are several simple and free ways to promote your blog to increase your traffic. I use several methods but here are two described in depth: Article Writing Sites and Twitter.
Tricks I use to motivate myself when I am procrastinating.
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