Samantha Lynch

Samantha Lynch
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Osiyo! I'm Sammi, a 16 year old outgoing redhead who enjoys creative writing, specifically poetry. I feel as though the ability to write has been lodged in my nut of a brain since I was young.
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Recent pages by Samantha Lynch

A small poem all about being odd…oh, and fairies too! Yeah, mostly fairies.
My own letter to A.J. Fernandes. Inspired by Isaac Muise's song "Letter to A.J. Fernandes".
A.J. Fernandes departed from our world this past Thursday. A terrible loss for many, he was only 18 years young.
Odd poem, almost eclectic. Enjoy or not. I don't know how I even feel about this!
A short poem I've just come up with! Very excited to share this one.
A poem I came up with about my boyfriend and I. Enjoy, fellow lovebirds :)
This poem is made specifically for my most recent poem. It is about finding a god in any situation and creating a new life because of it. I myself am an animist but do not believe in a god, only Mother Nature as my higher power.
A short poem of an unfortunate death due to drug abuse. This poem by no means encourages the use of drugs…or driving into Mexico in the middle of the night.
Short poem of a mental breakdown. I've experienced many and feel the need to get my feelings out.
A poem for my someone special. I feel as though we are angels, sent solely for each other.
Hello again. This page is solely dedicated to the herb known as Damiana and its positive effects on the brain and nervous system.
A personal favorite of mine, I feel as though Mother Nature has been speaking with me lately. Through this communication, I've recieved visions of, not sugarplums and fairies, but of my future, a peaceful pasture awaiting new life. As well as visions, the ability to speak with Mother ...
On this page is dedicated to a poem of my old self. I was going through a rough spot with depression and in turn became a cold, manipulating woman. I am proud to say that I have not manipulated anyone since my change in character.
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