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Before, I didn't focus much into writing. My first medium of expression are visual arts and music. But I just realized that writing is an instant way of self- expression.
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Master your innate skill in order for you to find your right livelihood.
High Grades Isn't the only main determinant for success, it's hard work and persistence.
In starting business, unleashing your full potentials and innate skills will be your best asset to make your venture grow
Each and every person has his own innate gifts. There are people who have the natural ability to lead people, there are great public speakers, and there are people with great musical abilities to name a few. Perhaps, I can say that mine is creating art.
I do believe, the land of my birth is worth hoping for. Like a prizefighter, trying to rise up from a fall caused by a heavy blow. I’ll stand up. I’ll not give up on her. I’ll do my share.
The value of creativity is important in everyday endeavor of our lives. Because of human creativity, Technological and scientific advancement of the society has significantly evolved. The world has been a better place today because of the pioneering minds of creative people that came ...
Writing is an art form. But there’s also a science in to it. It is an instant medium of expression. Being a wordsmith requires the combination of artistic and intellectual prowess.
Some people perceive our existence as a way of harmony and peace. That spending life is as easy as having a walk in the park. But life is more than that. Life is full of pain and heartaches, be ready to face disappointments and surpass the daily struggles in life,
Love is the primary reason for a long lasting relationship. Actually, it is God’s greatest commandment. A meaningful life is a life full of love. The best way to enjoy it is to share it with someone till the bounds of marriage and settling down a family. But many other components n...
Everyday, we have tasks and obligations needed to accomplish. Whether doing the daily chores, meeting the deadlines or going to the daily grind of stressful commutes to the office. With these routine, it's inevitable to go to stages of stresses and burnouts especially if we don't know...
The Bible is the Lord’s love letter to mankind. Though God can’t be physically seen, the scriptural content of the Bible clearly emphasize God’s power and holy presence. By the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He has anointed and appointed different men of all walks of life. To name...
Self-defense is an important survival mechanism. The ability to defend oneself and your love ones is essential. Men do have a clear advantage when it comes to physical force and strength. Because they have naturally bigger muscle mass; they are faster, stronger and more agile compared...
[b]Depression is an inevitable feeling everyone could possibly feel. There are ups and down in our lives. Happy times is precious to us and is cherished, but it is so hard to swallow the pain, sorrows, and heartaches everytime we are faced with our problems. Our daily crisis in life m...
Have a successful start up business by focusing on your target market.
This articles tells about the drawbacks of the internet technology. And this is very possible if we didn't use it Internet properly.
This is an article that emphasize the resemblance of entrepreneurship and the principles of fishing.
This article shows what is the difference between Employment vs Entrepreneurship.
Blogging and Online Writing is a meaningful endeavor if you know it's purpose. Here are some tips and tricks for having blog worthy venture.
For small businesses to get ahead, They should market their service and product wisely. Being a generalist wouldn't help because it's hard to compete with large companies. But if you aim at a particular niche, your business has a fighting chance. And that's through niche marketing.
In every activity and endeavor, whether in education, work or in business, there are always a possible risk for failures and mistakes. This article shows how we bounceback from it and strive more for excellence
This article is about the tips and tricks of online writing. And how can you leverage your article marketing strategy to earn more.
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