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Marlin Bressi is an award-winning hairstylist and beauty expert whose work has appeared in numerous magazines, newspapers, and on several beauty and fashion websites
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Recent pages by Marlin

A tribute to one of my personal heroes, the legendary Joe Paterno. Rest in peace, Coach.
Why the inventor of the urinal deserves to be remembered as a genius.
Which actress has superhuman memory? Which famous author claims to be able to leave his own body? Which actor has actually risen from the dead? Read this article and find out!
Is choosing a generic name a prerequisite for entering the adult film industry? It certainly seems that way. Here are the Top 5 most commonly used names chosen by adult film actresses.
They may be stars now, but early in their careers they weren't quite ready for prime time.
The best stories from the Golden Age of short fiction.
Be prepared for a werewolf attack by following these survival tips.
Online dating has grown into a multi-million dollar business because it works.
Everything you need to know about choosing the right hair brush for your styling needs.
Save money by learning how to perform basic men's haircuts. This article will show you how to cut hair with confidence.
Avoid becoming one more notch on a jerk's bedpost by reading this article.
Extend the life of your manicure by following these tips.
Get salon quality results by using the same steps used by professional nail technicians.
The ability to start a fire in all conditions is an essential survival skill.
Catch more trout by avoiding these common mistakes.
Avoid skin irritation, nicks, and bumps by following these tips.
I own exclusive rights to this article which has been previously published.
Roller sets are a great way to add body and volume to hair. This article offers tips for styling hair with rollers.
Fish identification can be tricky even for experienced anglers. This article offers tips for easy identification of commonly misidentified species.
Most men have seen them, but few know how to use them. This article shows you the proper way to use a shaving brush.
Most ingrown hair can be prevented by using proper shaving techniques. This article offers tips on how to prevent ingrown hairs and shaving rash.
This article offers easy tips for keeping your goatee or beard even and symmetrical.
Taking care of a thick beard can be a challenge. This article shows you how to do it.
This article explains why it is always best to begin a shave with a clean face
Seven tips for minimizing nicks and cuts while shaving the face or body.
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