Blake C. Patria

Blake C. Patria
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My name is Blake C. Patria. I am a musician, a writer, a philanthropist, a philosopher, etc. I enjoy science and its fictions. I also enjoy philosophy and Punk Rock. My work will tell more :)
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Selections of verse from an eccentric collector of rare books.
A poem about a dog who bit me one strange day in a shady neighborhood during some difficult times.
I rotted away in a basement, wondering if this was the last time I would see the days shorten. All a person can do in this state is try to sleep it off. Consciousness can be dangerous.
He savored the sight of me for so long, like a glass of fine wine, that I could count his teeth among the receipts.
A poem about a village's whaler, and all of his whaler boasts.
Some cute attempt of a drunk to express horseshit feelings to entertain people who eat pineapple pizza and shop at Old Navy . . . because it is that niche who understands the subtle algorhythm of who really spoke to Aberham on that fateful day eons ago when circumcision was invented b...
A poem how you tangle, a verse of how you mangle. I want all of your git-fiddles and harpy-harps to jangle. I'll eat the flesh of devils and angels.
A little poem about how the human race all thinks the same, even in slime-pits of rejects. I'm not saying I'm innocent of group-thought or anything, but the human race is a curious lump of flesh, am I right?
A little smidgeon I decided to etch out before I took off my last article of clothing for the night. Thank you for feeding the trees carbon dioxide so that they can feed my loved ones and myself oxygen.
A little snack for those who dig the bars. Have you ever been 86'd? I'll bet you have, you being a strong American with conviction as well as a cast-iron liver . . .
Here's a little "how to" regarding the recording of an album with little money and resources, and how to turn that into a big adventure in your musical career.
Some people say that those who take their own lives must live it over again to try and succeed at the next go-around. People are adorable. Let's have some fun, Dad.
The first part of a chilling series: The unknown and forgotten are always just around the corner, and sometimes they are no further than within. Take a trip to the uncharted, but beware . . . you might discover frontiers that already have been . . . even within yourself.
When some of you think of the ancient history of the region that is now the United States, you probably think of simple societies of native people galloping over the plains, and living in teepees. Well the truth is that the ancient natives were way more sophisticated than you learned ...
Moving Day is a very dangerous day. Never forget the reach of thy might, thy formless flexibility, thy fluid flow eluding even a name, lest you make it so. Thou art but a muon; there and gone before thou couldst be known, but part of a greater whole.
You read about Belle Knox on The Internet She was fascinating She was dark Was she aware of this darkness? A story starts to play out in your mind
So you met somebody spunk, and you're hitting it off great! By all means, have a ball, just keep this in mind.
A Warrior-poet named Zeke wrote these verses as an account of his discovery of Zanar, and his growing knowledge of The Mountain of Shards during what appears to be a fierce war in his world as well as in the stars above it.
A collection of the oldest known verses expressing the beginning of The Epic of Gala. It draws a connection to the Zanar Mythology.
An alchemist drinks a potion that unites him with his planet's two moons, and he goes on an adventure discovering things forgotten in time.
A story about how one of my favorite Rebel Girls united me with some friends, and expanded a revolution.
An increasingly common observation regarding the folly of the Left vs. Right debate.
An analysis of characters in the film Akira, how they relate to power, responsibility, and personal growth, and how they can reflect the phases of a leader archetype. If you somehow have never seen this movie, then accept this as a spoiler alert.
The internet hipsters of politics reflect on a bygone era as old memes and quotes are recycled by the very people they were flung at.
A poem about drinking a screwdriver, and the polarity of the color spectrum arranged into noteable patterns.
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