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Cecil de Guzman
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I am a creative writer specializing in poems. I also write articles about various topics like family relationships, beauty, health and wellness, etc. If you love writing as much as I do, join me at factoidz: http://factoidz.com/earn-revenue-now/2C13802
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A poem written in memory of a dearly loved brother who died at a very young age.
Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 and died on September 18, 1970. Although he was not high on drugs at the time of his death, his death remains shrouded with mystery.
Anna Nicole Smith was an American model who died on February 8,2007 at a South Florida Hospital after being discovered unconscious in her hotel room.
A poem about the heartaches of loving and being loved.
Learning the english language and learning english for free has become important and relevant in these modern days.
How to prolong the life or make the cut flowers in your vases longer. Flowers are beautiful and cheers the room and we would like to keep them fresh as long as possible.
A poetry about life that has been blessed with so much love despite the trials and pain
A poem written for my father for his birthday. A tribute to a father's love to his daughter,
A poem about the ups and downs of relationships just like season changes.
The discomfort and pain of sunburn has homemade remedies or treatments by using ingredients that are readily available in your refrigerators and cupboards.
The colors of roses and their meanings - know which color of the rose to give to tell someone how you feel. Give the rose color perfect for the occasion.
Father's Day - how it originated and when it is celebrated in different countries around the world.
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