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I like to write about video games and other things that peak my interests. I hope you find my writing useful and I would love to hear feedback! I also write at Triond, here is some info about them:
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These are cheat codes for the popular game, Dead Space. They are entered by pressing pause and then just keying them in. You will hear a tone when it has registered. These codes are for the PS3 but can also be used for the Xbox360 by replacing Triangle with "Y" and Square with "X"
A guide to the fun, and popular game, Urban Rivals!
A guide to the 3 most recent Runescape events: O Little Town of Daemonheim, The Golden Hammer & 10th Anniversary Birthday Celebration.
Everything you need to know to kick some serious butt at Original Gangstaz!
Call of Duty: Black Ops is the newest game in the COD franchise. My guides will help you along with single player, multiplayer and zombie mode. Please enjoy and leave feedback
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