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Brixham Kiwi
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If I must get old, let me travel
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Sometimes you can find something takes over your life completely - it is all consuming; you can think of nothing else and then, just as suddenly, the passion leaves you. It is lovely to find that, occasionally, it is good to go back and revisit something you have enjoyed
I am intrigued to be asked to go to Argentina and find a wonderfully exciting country that I would love to visit again.
We travel to Brisbane in search of warmth and yes, it gets warmer...... and wetter!
Arriving too early in New Zealand we head for the sunshine in Australia
We arrive in New Zealand again - rather earlier than usual!
Taking a town at face value and reaping the consequences...
We wonder whether Anthony Perkins is alive and well and living in New Zealand and meet the fascinating owner of the campsite - Ginger Walker
We discover the delights of the Bay of Plenty and discover and East Cape camping site
We are finally able to leave Foxton and embark on our journey - no plans, just follow our noses
A pear shaped beginning to our travels but we have fun at the Antarctic Centre
How we became the proud owners of a bus called Brixham Bertie
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