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24 years old, a software engineer by profession, writing and photography are my passion and I believe "what you give comes back to you one day", choose to LIVE everyday of your life and not just exist
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We always feel Life is imperfect ... there are lot of things that are unfinished!
Nature has a set of rules which is followed by plants and people alike
Choices we make- helps us know who we really are !!!
It's sometimes better to rekindle the child inside, and even better to be stupid and mindless
life goes through thick and thin teaching us new lessons...
Poetry, the way you'll survive through generations!
If you love your boss and he loves you too, you're worth something. if you like your boss and he doesn't or vice versa-you're on the wrong lane. If neither of you like each other- 'What the hell are you doing dude?'
Solitude creeps in unspoken and it has its own charm!
I could hear my conscience, loud and clear, narrating me all the memorable times I had spent with you and reminding me of those bright and happy days when you were near and life seemed so easy and beautiful. For all the purposes and reasons ...you're the most important part of my life...
They say marriages are made in heaven...but in India marriages are made by the parents! The direction in which Indian society is leading to....
There are 3 kinds of people... we bump into each kinds everyday ... some pretend and some don't ... life is ironical at times!
Are short term commitments better and healthy than the long ones?
No matter how much time changes or how many people we come across....first mistakes will always be the silliest, the sweetest and the most memorable of all
Its not about changing the face ...but facing the change.... facebook is the invention of the era which has engulfed the whole world into its charm and flexible technology!
There's a life beyond the bars which teaches more than the real functional mundane world
Life is all about your old self mixed with new changes. Everybody complains of being left out and not being cared about. If you love someone, its not enough and if you don't love you're not fit for the gamble. Either ways, we control our lives. The article is subjected to those who ex...
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