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Travis Burdick
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I am almost 19 years old, just out of high school and starting my writing career. I have a deep passion for animals and am intereted in the military, warfare and diseases.
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The Redback Spider is a poisonous arachnid from Australia.
The Velociraptor, one of the quickest, smartest and nastiest of all the dinosaurs.
Despite its name the Whale Shark is not a fericious predator. It is actually very docile. The Whale Shark is the biggest fish in our oceans and one of the gentlest.
Sadly, the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger, went extinct in 1933. It was an interesting and unique animal.
In comparison to some of the other deadly diseases that mosquitoes can carry, such as Malaria, the West Nile Virus is not a serious threat. However, we should still take care to protect ourselves and our families from it.
The Titan arum is an amazingly beautufl flower that smells much like a corpse. It is one of the largest and rarest flowers on Earth.
The Ebola virus is a hemorrhagic virus. It was first reported in the Ebola River Valley in the Republic of Congo, which was formerly Zaire. This virus destroys the interior of the blood vessels and is transmitted by bodily fluids.
When swimming in Australia around in the Great Barrier Reef, its not just sharks one has to watch out for. Beware the Irukandji Jellyfish. These very small jellyfish are extremely venomous.
Gustave is giant Nile crocodile that lives in the area of Burundi. He is estimated to be 65 years old, which is 20 years older then average life span of a Nile crocodile. This monster weighs around a ton and is over 30 feet in length, making him the biggest crocodile in Africa.
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