Ray Mather

Ray Mather
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About 25 years ago, I found that I couldn't find the poems that I was looking for to address issues at the school that I was then teaching in and started writing them myself

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I have read and listened a lot of analyses about how and why poets write their poems, largely, I suspect, from non-poets. I wanted to add my perspective.
I have always had a fascination with words and enjoy the challenge of trying to "put the best possible words in the best possible order"
In this poem I wanted to capture the different perspectives of wanting and fairness.
This is a poem in which I explore the difficulties in trying to control what one says
In this poem I was recalling the reaction of an elderly relative and her reaction to my recently born daughter.
This is a series of five poems in an intended "Travelogue" complementing photographs I had taken on a holiday in Portugal in 2009.
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