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This piece basically looks at a phase in life that everyone will enter at some point in time, when the overwhelming burden of carrying the world on your shoulders gets very heavy and you see the need to put it down, relax and enjoy just the simplicities of life
Internet dating has become one of the most popular mediums through which many seek to establish meaningful relationships....or so it might seem but the implications can be somewhat disheartening as no one person is custom made for the other and sometimes neither is willing to compromi...
So you patiently wait, supporting others, enabling them to achieve their dreams because you see potential in them but when its your time to be patiently waited on, you are told it is a waste of time and you would be better off taking a different route. It might be the case where you s...
It is a fact that the truth can become unacceptable at the time when you have forged a strong bond with it. Truth becomes a lie when you are in denial of the facts that present itself and you just close your eyes and wish it would just all go away. However, sometimes things are too g...
In life we always encounter people who think they know what is best for us....they try to conform us to a life that will enable us to adhere to the normalised version of acceptability within society......its more or less like asking a fish to join the golf club if it wants to be a mem... might have been on a date or two....given up.....given in....until someone special comes on the scene.....then everything becomes so obvious
Even in difficult times one should still live with the hope that positive thoughts lead to positive the simplicity of life with humility and grace
The internet has but taken over our every day lives.......who knows....pretty soon the computer will be asking us out on dates.....imagine that!!
sometimes it feels as if you are in love with the right try to do everything right for the sake of your perception of love but it is not reciprocal....even if it is you cannot compute in a way that will make you feel less a result you might end up throwin...
If you have no reason to stay just Go.....if your instinct tells you to....just Go....freedom usually comes at a price.....its either you or the furniture
Ever had a partner who never seem to appreciate.....always believe net worth is more important than self-worth......well
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