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Melissa Murphy
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Melissa Murphy is a life coach and freelance writer.
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Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pineal gland. Studies conducted on melatonin indicate that it may play a significant role in reducing the growth rate of certain cancer cells.
Practiced from antiquity, aromatherapy is the art of using aromatic compounds, extracted from plant material, as a healing modality. Early civilizations such as the Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks used aromatherapy in their day to day lives.
Toddlers need a certain set of skills before entering preschool or kindergarten. Basic bathroom skills like learning to get their clothes up and down easily and learning to clean themselves can help curtail some of their anxiety.
Of late, the Stevia plant has gotten much attention and praise as a sugar substitute, but Stevia is not new. Ancient Indian tribes from South America have used it for centuries.
A few easy steps are all it takes to connect your Nintendo Wii to your wireless router.
Although asthma and COPD have many of the same symptoms, they are not the same. These two conditions differ mainly in terms of their onset as well as their ability to be reversed.
Life coaching is a growing profession largely because there is a greater population of people interested in personal growth and development. Many people don't realize that, with a little bit of discipline, they can learn to coach themselves.
Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant compound found in the skin and seeds of grapes and has many health benefits, but is consuming red wine the best way to get the greatest benefit from resveratrol?
Success doesn’t just happen and goals don’t reach themselves. It takes awareness, understanding and focus.
This article explores the roots of self esteem as well as offering three points of consideration for building a healthy sense of self worth.
Often called the "baby blues", postpartum depression affects many women. Statistics indicate that up to 75% of women experience some depression after giving birth. Learn how to combat postpartum depression naturally through diet.
Almond milk is a wonderful alternative to dairy that is easy to make and economical too.
To many people, the holidays are a time of temptation enticing them to overindulgence in unhealthful food, but all is not lost just because you blew it at the holiday meal.
A growing trend among suburbanites is backyard chicken farming. Advantages to keeping laying hens include natural pest control, organic fertilizer and of course, eggs.
Cinnamon, well-known for its culinary use, is also proving to be a home remedy for a number of health concerns.
Relationships can be tough! With a few simple considerations your relationships can be transformed into the meaningful experiences that they were meant to be.
Did you know that whether you are drinking black, green or white tea, it comes from the same plant? The difference between teas comes from the way it is processed.
Bananas are not only nutritious for your physical body but they also have many topical uses for health and beauty.
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