Tessa Frances

Tessa Frances
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I am a bubbly person, have a labrador, nearly 12 years old. I love weekend breaks, coast and country walks, theatre and west end stage.
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I hope that this page will encourage public awareness of not getting stung in these tough times and make their money go a little further in the process.
This is just a written persepective from me, who has and still is going through this non - stop minefield.
I decided that today was so feeling that spring has truly arrived, I decided we should all take a few minutes to enjoy the day.
I hope that this will help money stretch a bit furtherand its not really cheating, just pushing the max!!
Some ideas on how to make that money go further, at a time when debts are high and funds are lower than ever.
An overview of the funnier side of christmas, as observed and listened in passing. The stresses of home and friends and hoping to convey that everyone is in the same boat, sleigh?
I continue to pass on my views to the antics of the jungle.
A further report on jungle TV. Ant and Dec are great supporters, to this ever ending rolling cast of dubious characters.
The first week of Ant & Dec draws to a close and the public just can't get enough. There is fainting, bickering, hunger, jail, trials, bonding and quitting, to name but a few. The best bit is that we are not even a week in, come on, bring it on!!
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