Thema C.

Thema C.
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I am a speaker of life and truth. The only way to change is to actually admit there's a problem. Many are afraid to do that but I am not. So I will through poetry.
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Though I love the people in my neighborhood I don't live in the best area. Sleep is sometimes difficult to come by. No complaints, it is what it is and this is what I got from it. Enjoy the poem.
Every poet has a time where they find themselves stuck in a phrase or sentence. When it's really bad they may find themselves not knowing where to begin. The answer to the problems is to not think so hard. Stop being so serious and just write. Poets don't have to try and write poetry ...
Just a little poem I wrote after having a silent moment to myself. This is basically what I got from that moment of reflection.
Increase your energy, better your health, eliminate aches and pains with the wonderful product called "JUICE PLUS."
Just a short little poem I wrote about where I come from. Nothing too deep but playful. I hope you all enjoy I know I enjoyed writing it.
A poem about the inevitable changes a person will experience.
A poem of a troubled man and how he deals with his issues. Which I must say isn't the very best way to deal with any problem.
This is a poem about finding peace in the middle of the storm. The storm is or can be everything that cause you stress or pain in your daily life. This poem is also to remind you that there is a reason for everything and a light at the end of the tunnel but you must learn to keep movi...
This page is the thoughts and reality from the life of Thema Calliope.
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