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kayode is a graduuate of communication arts and a freelance writer.I love dogs and more importantly i write on internet marketing,relationship and health.
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The word hell is one of the least understood word in the bible. Many people even christian have been living with a false concept and ideology of hell. In this article, you will see hell what the bible say it is and as well understand what it means.
This is a wake up article to christian who are docile and who don't understand their privileges and positions in Christ. Gone are the days where it is the priest that acts on your behalf to God. You can talk and have a sweet and lasting relationship with Christ if only you know how. ...
The waves of social media marketing is gaining momentum by the day. One of the top social media site, Twittter has rolled out a means by which you can gain more exposure and brand your site or blog with the Twitter Card. Read this piece for more.
There is so much work to do at work especially if you an executives at your job.If care is not taken you get so worked up and never enjoy doing your job and as well you may not be there for the kids.
This is for everyone who want make to live this year differently form those they have had before. It is a matter of your decision to know how you will live a fulfilled year this time around.
Winter time is refreshingly cold and going out could be difficult as you would rather stay indoors.However, if you avoid taking care of your fitness it could impair your health this time.Read this and understand how you can have some workouts during winter.
It is the time of the year where the shopping frenzy hots up.At this time,there are things you could buy that you really do not need.After the Xmas, you might want to regret what a waste of money. But, you can avoid that by reading this.
The issue of weight and losing excess weight concern all writer as well at wikinut.Read this article and discover how to mange your weight issues
If you love eating pizza you have noting to fear about any weight gain.Rather, you can lose weight by eating your delicious pizza only if you know how to go about it. Learn how in this article.
Sleep is the best therapy God has given to man.But we are such a workaholic that if possible we would rather not sleep at all. If you have been denying yourself of good time sleep, you better read this.
With holidays at just right at the corner,there is many activities that you might get involved in that could bring about fatigue.The food you eat during this fun filled period could as well affect your health. This article gives you practicable tips on how to manage busy holiday time.
There is much to gain as it pertains to health if you take garlic regularly. I hated garlic because a I can't stand the smell,not knowing I was doing my self more harm. I am happy I know how much health benefits garlic gives.
The doctrine of the trinity has been taught and preached and many Christians has gotten indoctrinated to this doctrine of three distinct person as God. But, you are about to know that it s not true. There is no biblical basis that God is Father, son and Holy Spirit. We have God as fa...
The health benefits of drinking water is enormously.It therapeutic effect is amazing as it can treat almost any disease and ailments. If you are not a lover of drinking water, you better think twice.
Ginger is such a wonder healing root plant. I never knew until I did some findings and I discovered how much healthy advantages I have missed not taking ginger. Read this and know the health benefits of ginger.
This is a opinion based articles on the veneration of Jesus Statue by Christian and their leaders. The case study being the law suit filed by a group of atheist concerning the Jesus ststue in Montana mountain.
I had thought chocolate was bad for my health and i stopped eating it. It was until my latest discovery that I realized that chocolate is good for the body and one's overall health.
Cyber Monday has come and gone.Well, for some there is still cyber week going on. We are delighted we got great deals at super low prices,yet we fail to realize the damage this has done to us and the way we live.
The health wonders of the plant called aloe vera is amazing. You will have a change of mind after you might have read this article on the health benefits that aloe vera provides.
Belly fat affect your general outlook and you wouldn't want to keep a fat belly. In this article you get top 5 best exercises that will keep belly fat off fast.
Energy drinks are also on the danger list of drinks you should avoid.There is nothing like taking natural herbs or fruits that would kick start your energy level back to normal without any side effects.
We all have to do content marketing as writer. There is much competition out there and if you don't sell your content nobody will buy it.
If you like butter on bread or other butter friendly food, i think you should have a rethink and go for margarine. However, margarine though a lot better than butter has its own danger.
There was a drama that happened on flight the Rihanna 777 tour. Have you heard about it? if not or even you had,read the and understand why the nude drama in the plane.
Love is on our lips most times. It is unfortunate that when we talk love we say what we know little or nothing about. Love is much more that mere words and emotion.
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