J.C. Chaplin

J.C. Chaplin
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I am a caffeine addict, living in the southern US. I am a mother of four, and I write humor to avoid becoming a tower sniper. Visit my website at http://www.jillreesewriter.net
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An introduction to a personal side of myself. I grew up as an adopted and only child. Now in my forties, I am on a journey of healing.
A humorous true account of my Christmas morning, er, gift.
Teenage driving, revisited. My daughter shaved another five years from my life expectancy.
Labor and delivery is less frightening than teaching my daughter to drive.
I enjoy flying about as much as I enjoy having a root canal.
Arthur cannot stay out of trouble, God love him. Once again, he's got Libra on her toes.
Cats in Turkey have become suicidal. I take a lighthearted look at the situation.
Did we not learn about lines in kindergarten? Is driving in a line and maintaining its momentum really that complicated?
Libra Coletti's favorite senior is wreaking havoc again, this time at the hospital.
My name is Libra Coletti, I work with senior citizens, and sometimes the job gets downright ugly.
My job comes with certain hazards. Today I discovered one I had not expected.
I went from happy to homicidal in mere minutes during my visit the Social Security Administration office.
Combine a stubborn senior with a big mouth Yankee, and you have me and Arthur.
Apparently Ryan O'Neal isn't the only angry senior citizen.
Nothing prepared me for my first day of cleaning at Arthur's apartment.
I'm on call for the senior citizens in my community. Because I don't have enough to do.
We recently had an uninvited guest in our home of the reptilian variety.
Today is my fortieth birthday. Now entering Cougarville
The story of how one baby squirrel caught a lucky break.
My loved ones call me antisocial. I prefer to think of myself as a selective socializer.
My visit to the eye doctor nearly sent him to the hospital.
My children never had a chance of having a normal mother.
The day the cable died, a little piece of me died with it.
Why cremate or bury your furry friends when you have another option?
Man-up and grab some aspirin before you shop for a new computer.
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