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I can't stand when someone labels me without fully knowing me without engaging in my definitions of who I am. This poem is dedicated to all that label,judge, and ones that lack the "inner eye"
A world of power know to few we are worlds within a world and each is his own God of his world.
The battle continues day in day out the fight for peace, prosperity, and an individual rights to live in essence to be fulfilled.
Wear words like clothing and mines are authentic shall I mention the discovery of how more and more I'm loving me.
This poem is very special to me it is the very first poem I ever wrote and the very first poem that started my collection.
His kisses leaves you tipsy submissive to his seductive lips.
Wishing to penetrate deep like blue waters. Reaching and existing in places impossible.
I was feeling a surge of new energy that has inspired me to write this poem. Lost in my thoughts of what I have found or shall I say what found me.
This is a poem about a neo cheating lawyer who was supose to defend in a class action law suit he tried to rise by using others pain to gain. I thought he was on the parents side but sadly mistaken.
We must be very careful in who we trust. Awaken! Take them by surprise. Warning! Quiet fires are know to be deadly.
They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. In awe about those eyes.
This poem is dedicated to my mother Darlene F. Hopkins.
I think you should know about neo. Nastalgic when I found it.
Don't wait until it's to late and don't be deceived by Equinsu O' Cha.
Havoc reached out and turned a love tragic. Inbruved vibrating on low frequency tunes leaving one distraught!
These are my accounts of unexplained experiences. I have experienced many other things beyond my understanding and I will finally reveal my experience of the unexplained.
Is it possible to remember before before? Most say no but few who know by experience can relate.
Been through so much and the question remain will you? do you? and let me tell you..........
Predator and prey. She will never be the same her innocence never spared in the eyes his evil glare. Taboo
You know that saying never judge a book by it's cover. Well judge me not for most have forgot what is held in the question box.
This poem was created years ago. Through hard times and bad relationships and still my thoughts of you.......
Have you ever just knew something and don't know how you know you just do. It's as if it was coded into you. When I discovered my writing ability. I asked myself a question I said "who's soul do I have" I laugh now at the question but now I know it is all me.........
This poem was written about 7 yrs ago. I was in a place where consciousness never pierced the ear of the drones.
What is most meaningful to you? What is the light of your world? There will be many different answers ask me and I would say.............
Really short poem of love. Do kiss and tell and do listen well
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