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I write children's stories. Have one book published, Working on another children's book. It is a series.
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Rosie Sue meets a new friend on her way to school. Who is this new friend? Where is this new friend from? Why does she have to put him in her school bag? Find out by reading Invasion of the Ears.
Bobby Bear takes a walk with his friends, but Bobby Bear has a problem. Find out what the problem his and who helps him with his problem.
A mother realizes her daughter needs to learn to write an actual letter. She does not foresee many of the issues that come up during this process.
Pockets are always good to have. They have to be the right kind of pocket. Pockets are often better to have than a purse.
Knowing how to dress and knowing how to shop can save time and money and help each person look their best for work, school and casual outings.
It is interesting the differences between the United States postal service and the United Kingdom postal service.
We have all forgotten what a secret is. Keeping a secret can prevent many problems, and it develops trust between people.
Blogging seems so easy to many people, but for some reason blogging keeps avoiding me. Blogging is the wave of the future and I would like to be a part of it.
Eating, buying or preparing gluten free food is not easy to do and with more people having to eat gluten free we should all educate ourselves.
A business has to be profitable. Customers need to understand you. Time is money.
Advertisements and commercials are everywhere. There needs to be a change of how they are presented. Nobody seems to be paying any attention.
Having a writing carer is more then just writing and people just learning about writing are completely amazed at what is there is to do, and the options that are open to them when the do their research.
It is interesting what people think is painful and what others do not find painful at all. We all have our own ways of dealing with pain.
All bullies can change, but they have to want to change and that is what happened with me. My attitude had to change and I had to be willing to ask for help and accept the help.
I am n avid wrestling fan and it always amazes me as to which way a story line is going to go.
People and organizations have no idea what the word,"free" actually means. I always thought it meant one thing, but it seems it has a different meaning for others.
Go back to the days when you first learned to drive and ask yourself if you drive better now or if you drove better back then and how did you feel then and how do you feel now?
There needs to be a change and competition for this company. When one company has too much power and control something needs to change.
Complete hip operations are very common and many people get them done all the time, but is it right for everyone?
This Christmas brings back many memories of Christmases out on the farm and how they bring a smile and even a laugh as I think about the things that happened.
The longest trip our family ever took was from Illinois to New Mexico, in our old green four-door car, filled to the brim with food, drinks and suitcases. Getting ready to go was a crazy time and the trip was not an ordinary one.
When the electricity goes off it is amazing how we miss it when everything we do pretains to having electricity on all the time.
Asking somebody why they are still not married is a good way to force them into a marriage that is not right for them. Learn to ask better questions and not make them feel guilty.
We need to protect the bee, without the bee we are no longer here. We are gone. Everything will be gone.
When doing a commercial or television show the producers and directors should know the difference between a rooster and a chicken.
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