Nitin Madeshia

Nitin Madeshia
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I'm a Delhi University student pursuing Math(H), having varied interest ranging from coin collection to gardening, travelling.
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For the perfect rafting and camping trip to Rishikesh. This is a journey of extreme adventure and serenity.
This article is about the short biographies of great Mathematicians with whom mathematic's did start.Article include the short description of the life and work of Thales,Pythagoras and Euclid.
A comparision between the life of a plant and a person.It throws direct light on the diminishing humanity and attempts to pinch human thinking indirectly.Its about an woodcutter whose is discarded by life and people and is left to realise that he has been doing the same mistake throug...
Being cheated is different but overcoming hurdles is a thing of hero.Person here is asking someone for help to take him back from hell to heaven. He has a realisation that he was not actually like this initially and want to be out of this situation and ultimately finds the answer in ...
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