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I am your simple neighbor who lives next door,also loves to write short poem.
A music addict and a hopeless romantic who believes that love is like a fairy tale.


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This time I will bring you to a historical park called Botanical Garden and recently named “The Centennial Park”
I was not born in this lovely town known as the Summer capital of the country Philippines. However, this is my father’s home and my ancestors. A place I always called my home sweet home and a place I run to each time I want peace and serenity.
You left me suddenly with an orphaned heart, wandering in the darkness of misery. Feeling the harsh of unflavored heartache; and tasted the savor of desperation.
Now, do you still have fear for death, scared of it?
Well, this is for those thrill seekers and you can checked out more haunted places here in my hometown.
Let me love you on my own way that, you may never understand. You do not need to acknowledge my love, all you have to do is feel my love inside your heart.
Love moves in mysterious ways. Love defines in many ways. One thing is for sure...Love will goes on forever!
I heard some people boasting themselves with this phrase “ I walk my talk” Moreover, a question came to my silly mind “what if you will die now, how will you walk your talk”?
Wounds, physical or emotional, can be healed by time, as an old song says “ …but time can bring a change of heart; and love can make another start. Someday you may comeback to me to stay; but who can say how soon?"
But…I don’t know if this time I can claim “love is mine forever”
Choose what do you prefer, revealing a secret and be real, or keeping a secret and be a pretender!
Mercy rejoices against injustice, and who can justify a compassionate heart; can you accused?
If it is wrong to love you, how did you know that I needed someone like you in my life?
God is a God of mercy. If HE did not grant any of your wish and prayer, remember, it is for your own good and welfare.
The woman judge for being a mother and the love she give.
Internet love is not a fad, it’s not a game. It do happen the least you expect it would happen.
My soul only knows one name and it is written in the deepest chamber of my heart.
Why do we always hurt the one’s we love? This is a famous question without a definite answer.
Music and scented candles can make you stress free.
hello Moderator, This is my original creation and is already published in my other sites (mypage and mylot)
If you have to choose, would you take the risk of loving your friend and lost in the end, or stayed in friendship and love him/her silently forever.
“Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”
When do we consider happiness as real when there is no contentment felt?
You CHOICE to LOVE,but it never WORKED,now decide what will be YOUR CHOICE!
From the moment you plan to pursue any good intention, always bear in mind that there might be some hindrance to arise.
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