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Writer, crafter, jewelry designer, baker, world traveler and all-around lover of beautiful things
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Article about not giving pets as holiday (or anytime really) gifts
Running a marathon isn't just for the super athletic or olympians, every day folks can train and successfully run a marathon, this article gives excelletn ways on how to do just that.
Ideas on where and when to use QR codes to a business's advantage. Places one wouldn't normally think to use them and details on what QR Codes really are. Aimed at a Sign Company's audience but honestly the information is great for nearly anyone out there.
Ideas on how and where to up a small company's name and reputation for relatively free. How to boost a mom and pop or non-mainstream firm into a more powerful and sales successful spot in the big pond of marketing, sales and SEO in general.
Having a multilingual website, focusing on Dental practices but my advice is great for just about any business or service provider who sees international clients, especially around colleges and universities.
Dental care and/or Oral health in children is extremely important and teaching children how to properly care for their teeth when they are young will help them to not only keep their teeth late into their twilight years but will protect them from other health issues that teeth are con...
Veneer advice from research with an accredited dental practice's approval on information. Differences between Veneers and the possibilities that exist in dental health and dental beautifying treatments.
Advice for new runners concerning shoes, proper clothing and running with a friend. The Pacific Northwest has a few extra challenges to runners in regards to the weather.
Tips and Tricks for cleaning up your internal email customer database and/or list(s)
Benefits of having pop-up exit windows on Dental practice websites to capture potential clients/customers
Article on acquiring valuable and genuine twitter followers and how to avoid scams or scamming fake followers
Warning article about over using teeth bleaching programs and what happens to your teeth if you aren't careful with how long and how much you use.
10 safety tips for pet safety as the cold weather approaches.
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