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Creative writer and filmmaker, producing content that informs, inspires and entertains. Work focuses on relationship development, writing, and living skills, occasionally political, always spiritual.
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Recent pages by Oscar Crawford Media

This is a book review of Dan Brown's latest work, Inferno. Robert Langdon tries to the prevent pathogen release that will kill 4 billion people. It is a race through hell to save humanity and the Earth. Can he do it in time. The answers are in hell.
This article proposes a strategic proposal for response to the Zimmerman Acquittal. Perceived enemies must find it necessary for the nation to go forward.
Information and Self - Awareness are key to the formation and development of quality relationships. Trendy assumptions about self and others short circuit opportunity for meaningful connection.
Meditation allows for experiences beyond the normal sensory range. Thought broadcast in images, messages with unspoken words, undeniable and real to the receiver.
This how - to details how family food shoppers organize to produce savings by reducing costs for food. Learn how to organize purchasing power in the best interests of families and business.
This article is a prophetic warning to humanity of the stakes to irresponsible relationship management with the Earth and each other. It is late but not too late.
The article describes how couple over 50 and married more than 20 years can meet other couples over 50 and married more than 20 years, learning new things and go new places.
This article glimpses the married and shared life of Clyde and Betty Crawford married on the 4th of July 1951.
The movie review is of the feature film White House Down. The story finds the president and the White House under attack by domestic terrorists.
This article provides four best practices - how to approaches - for managing money, family, health and the future for couples over 50 and married more than 20 years, nearing retirement
This information speaks to the the polarizing context of 14 Republican Governors and the smell the context is putting off on excluded people.
This article examines the the coming of Superman, the end of the modern era, and diversity's role of if any in the shift in American Values. It also correlates how the 21st Century American Values and the morality of the 21st Century Man of Steel.
This is a review of OZ, the Great and Powerful. It is a prequel to the 1939 film of L. Frank Baum's the Wonderful Wizard of OZ.
This work shares five things that make love and relationship work in exciting ways.
This work provide simple how - to's to greet, meet, and date new people.
This is a review of the feature film, the man of steel, loosely based on the story of Superman.
Asking questions is what people do. We do it all the time whether or not we have thought them through. This article blog post draws attention to the questions men ask or should never ask a woman.
This article demonstrates the inhumanity of immature adults beating children to correct misbehavior. Beating children is wrong despite what holy books have to say.
This article examines the self – harm consequences of being a negative thinker, a constant complainer, and excessively judgmental person. Suicide is the ultimate form of self - harm. Critical Judgment of others and things is much slower form of self - harm ultimately achieving the ...
Sexual Violence leaves in its wake self - destructive effects that can linger and haunt victims for a lifetime. Unless therapeutic intervention is initiated and engaged victim may continuously relive events,
This work considers the consequences of humans assuming the creation privilege of, or challenging the supremacy, of God? Mary Shelley offers a glimpse. Challenging the presumed God prerogatives is replete with unknowns and few are sufficiently sociopath to assume the risks. Franken...
This work focuses on human prejudice. All humans have them as reluctant as we are to admit them. We make these judgments about people, places and things without evidence to support our views.
Abercrombie and Fitch announce policy shift supporting anti – bullying campaigns, diversity and inclusion. Damage control engaged after CEO Mark Jeffries indicated Abercrombie and Fitch produced fashions only for “the cool kids.”
1971. The Air Force. The Greek Island of Crete. A Greek Taverna called POPS, where everybody knew my name. I saw her in the door. She was short, a light brown skin with raven hair. She was walking toward me. This is not good for my buzz. Love was about to happen unannounced.
Love happened in the air from New York to Alaska and Alaska to Seoul. Her name is Angelica Antonio.
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