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I love to write about love. I like to listen to romantic songs. Love to watch movies.
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Nicholas Sparks is an amazing writer. He writes with his heart because all his books are full of emotions, drama and love.
Love is everything we dream of. To find a soul mate that stays with us forever. This poem shows how we feel when we are in love.
Money is something that we all need to survive. Internet is a way of earning an extra income. The big question is what websistes do really pay you for your work?
People give money a major importance. I believe that it is important to have money but for me we should earn it in an honest way.
The Vampire Diaries is an amazing TV Show! I am really curious about who Elena will end up with. Stephan and Damon are such cute guys. She is lucky to have such sweet and hot guys interested in her.
I was inside the train on my way home thinking in his sad eyes. How can he affect me like this? I just met him - I thought to myself. I arrived home and tried to let go of my thoughts...
My head was running like crazy... What the hell is he my boss?
This story is about how love happens when we least expect it.
This movie is the best of the year. I never saw an erotic story told in such a beautiful and romantic way. E.L. James is the best. It is worth watching!
My article talks about how love makes a huge difference in our life. To be single can be good for awhile but after some time we all need someone.
Love changes people. It makes us see life with bright eyes. Our world becomes a better place. Everything becomes better! We just smile without knowing why.
Love at first sight is a special thing that only a few lucky people experience. I wish I can be that lucky. I am waiting for a special guy to come to me.
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