Maddy C

Maddy C
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A Menopausal Retired General Contractor looking to write on any subject that requires critical thinking skills; twisted drama is rather fascinating too...:-)
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Recent pages by Maddy C

A humorous look at how to live with the menopausal woman. Understand that you cannot and will not understand her behavior. And do not tell her that she is acting crazy!
July is the designated “social wellness” month and guess what? Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston have announced their engagement to Us Weekly! What could be more socially well than that? Somehow this seems to be a paradox after seeing the dirty laundry between Johnston verses the ...
Inlaws, better known as "outlaws." What do you do with them?
Humorous tips on finding and keeping a woman by using good hygiene, manners, wit and listening to what she has to say.
A fun glance at dealing with dreary relationships that are endlessly annoying.
An overview of "those" kinds of days. You know what I mean, those moments when you cannot decide between pulling your hair out or sticking your head in the sand.
Dear Reader.......I implore you to bear with me and understand that I am a quirky free spirit......
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