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Wiladene Keen
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I am an avid blogger and compulsive writer who loves to allow her mind to roam free and be creative. Follow me on Twitter @queencitydame
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Many young children are affected by the fact that they have one or more parents in prison. The numbers are high, and rising way too fast. Here are some facts we all should be aware of.
A quirky and fun way to look at the situation when Momma comes home with a new lover; and suddenly he's on everyone's mind! Isn't she supposed to be too old for that? Not by today's standards!
In this fast-paced society, our minds are constantly bombarded with unanswered questions, and our hearts are plagued with a myriad of demanding emotions. It makes us weary, and we all seek to find solutions and ways to rid ourselves of the '"white noise" in our lives. Read on to find ...
Everyone has an inbred need to love and to be loved. There are many lonely people in this big old world that have no one to come home to; no one to hold, share with and ultimately...love. These big, wonderful and aimless hearts inside of these lonely people simply wander without a pla...
Like our moods fluctuate and can be described by the use of certain colors, much of the same applies to our money. Whether in the form of cash supply, assets or investments, our financial comfort level depends on how solvent we are, and can likewise be described by the use of colors. ...
Nowadays, besides online dating sites many single women (and men) are at a loss for finding a great place to meet other single and eligible people. It used to be that our friends and associates could set up 'blind' dates and arrange meetings at various parties, etc. Not so much now, s...
How many of us (and I'm sure it's just about all of us ) can remember back to our last day of lower school? The tears and the promises to miss all of our special friends that saw us through the past year. Hugs for our favorite teachers and of course...the Lunch Lady.
In the everlasting war on aging, here's a battle strategy that I hope will help.
It was inevitable that we would meet in a place like this. He was too hard to resist. Temptation and resistance fought against each other. Temptation won.
Many folks have a tendency to disregard any type of sexual attractiveness, appeal or appetite when it comes to women who are Grandmothers. Especially our own children! They expect that we are "over the hill" and are finished with that part of our lives. They certainly don't expect us ...
So many women (and I'm sure a few men also) have been duped by men they met on an online dating site. What drives us to the point where we turn to smiling faces and trumped up profiles to magically bring us the man of our dreams? Women get lonely, that is the quick response answer. Wh...
This is my perception of the rising number of interracial marriages that are so prevalent in today's society. I am simply putting my own spin on it because it fascinates me, and I'm sure some others as well. It's an old hat with a new bow, and I find it quite interesting.
Reminiscing about my first love, what might have been and how I have not and will not ever forget him. Prayer and faith for him as he faces a life altering event with his health.
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