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one day I'll have to find strength To let you go. I'm captivates you. No currents, Without grids, Without walls ...
I'd like to be the one that could transform your life. Being that it could take you forever in the arms of loneliness, because you, I do not know how and I do not remember the moment, touched my heart
There was a time when people were promised to each other since little niggling. There are still cultures that maintain this way of thinking. In our society, however, this custom has long since been eradicated. We then have complete freedom to follow in the footsteps of our hearts
We follow the stars Because they belong to us. But where do we go to the stars? A path of dreams and impossibilities. But even in impossibilities We can still dream. If love is what hurts us, At least he is sublime.
Tell me a word, give me a sign You see I made the first step Of course I did not say "I love you" But still I sing for you Because there in your smile A world I do not know And as it is too small to write I would like to live with you. I'd like to write poems On words I invent Words ...
Pakistan's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the arrest of the prime minister by a corruption case, adding tension to a political climate stirred by the protest of thousands of people demanding the dissolution of Parliament.
The Pakistan Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS) elaborate in an exceedingly study printed on Friday that in 2012
The new clothing NASA will make life easier for astronauts,
Based on knowledge that were reassessed every years for decades, and made with very thousand participants aged between 43 and 86 years, the survey has shown a significant increase in the risk of blindness.
Facebook may charge $ one. The idea is still being studied by the social network as another way of trying to make money.
The U.S. president, Barack Obama, has been chosen by Time magazine as "Person of the Year" 2012.
A cold snap has killed dozens of individuals in Ukraine and Russia, in Siberia wherever temperatures approaching fifty ° C
Four ladies in metropolis and 17-year-old volunteer in city killed asynchronous of attacks infernal on religion militants
More scandals that conquests, Leandro Penna's career therein country, joined early Monday in a very new yellow note that the Daily Mail was to blame for exploiting
Dance therapy is the awareness of self and release tension and blockages registered in the memory of the body. On the physical level, it improves circulation, muscle tone and coordination
In dance therapy, the body becomes the instrument from which one learns to be comfortable in skin
Aerobic training is the best form of exercise to burn fat over strength training and bodybuilding, according to a study by researchers at the Medical Center at Duke University (USA), comparing aerobic training, resistance training and a combination of both and the results published on...
Police investigating the killing of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, where on Friday killed 26 people, has found "good evidence" that would explain the reasons for the attacker. In the slaughter killed 20 children and six adults, and the assailant, a 20 year old who commit...
At least three people have died and at least 25 others seriously injured Saturday in a rocket attack and subsequent shooting International Airport Bacha Jan of Peshawar, in northwest Pakistan, according to Pakistani television Geo TV reported .
Studies indicate that cells can kill acute lymphoblastic leukemia. A famous hated vegetables by children contains a compound that can help treat childhood leukemia, so research suggests. Laboratory tests showed that sulphorophane, found in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, c...
U.S. President ordered to be made across the country to honor the victims of the shooting that took place at a school in Newtown and in which 27 people died The U.S. president, Barack Obama, decreed that flags be flown at half-staff at all buildings and public places
Andersen has just become almost a character in one of his famous stories. The story of a child who wanted very little tread the path of literature. This follows from a Danish researcher who has given it would do with the first story of the great writer would have been made at the tim...
The giant rock, 4.6 kilometers long and 1.9 kilometers wide, rose to 7 million miles of our planet The asteroid Toutatis, which was discovered in 1989 by astronomers, made ​​its closest approach to Earth in four years on Wednesday and revealed NASA images obtained by the Goldstone...
Study of the American Cancer Society found a link between coffee consumption and reduced risk of death from cancer of the mouth and throat. People who drink more than four cups of coffee a day are half as likely to die from the disease compared with those who drink coffee occasionall...
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