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Creating anything gives so much joy. I write poems, articles, whatever comes my way.
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Regions devoid of writing and poetry may be rich, but is barren in a way.Noble thoughts and words live on beyond the times.
A poem describing springtime.The last part is about the free sunlight of spring that we enjoy.Since spring month is a taxpaying month,hence the word "tax" is included in the poem.
A fun poem relating to those days when money really did not grow on trees. Miserly folks like these were a regular spice for gossip, they were not uncommon then.
Working with sincerity brings about perfection, while the focus should be on the former. With love and enthusiasm infused, the work at hand progresses with all smoothness and ease. It is the process as we know; the product automatically takes care of itself. Sole focus on perfection r...
Its quite a bright idea to lodge oneself in a house when the owner is away by breaking open the lock, provided you do not get caught.You could stay there till your mission is complete, at least it saves you from hotel charges.
A poem about how everything changes to suit new situations.It is mostly for the better as is portrayed in the poem.
This is an embarrassing situation over a phone call, that ended funnily.But this should not be repeated.
A limited view from my window sill made me write this poem.The city with buildings all over divides the sky into patches. It tunes all vision,all perspectives to things grossly down to earth.
This is an account of a sofa, made to order decades ago that brings about some memories. Nobody now really wished to keep this old piece of furniture, so I accommodated it into my house and as I see, it doesn't look too bad.
The real crow flies away, so I cannot draw it.Then I venture to draw it my own way and create a new trend.
The sky treats us differently at different places.The poem is full of questions.
A continuous fruit Shower.Fruit, Fret, Regret is the theme of the poem.
Overpopulation in the heavens created a grave problem. Fearing the boundary between heaven and hell to be broken as a result, the option was a rebirth.
Pathways of the body and soul may vary at times.There is one goal, the goal of eternal bliss.
The sky pantomime played all through the seasons.A continuous change of colours and seasons.
A description about rain. The cover of greenery everywhere, brings joy in the dry and parched land.
Achanakmar is a Sanctuary in Chhattisgarh, India. It used to be a home to a diverse variety of animals sometime ago.They used to be seen crossing roads quite often. The locals have a lot of stories to narrate.
A recent downpour and floods inundated the land and claimed lives. So many homes were washed away. This inspired to write the poem with a positive note..
Unusual acts of courage are stunning indeed.Some inspire us, some go a step further to leave us awe stricken.
The poem is about a person who used to steal a flower everyday from the garden. One day he was tricked with a paper napkin flower. It really happened.
Extreme heat made me write this.It made me think of the ancient times when the earth was not so crowded,when there used to be more trees and less of modern intrusions that cause a rise in temperature.
The founder reclaimed a tract of marshy land and built an institute. I was supposed to write a poem to commemorate Founder's Day.
Mahua trees grow in abundance in the northern, central and middle parts of India.A liquor is made from the flowers by the tribal communities.Lyrics are composed by them in reference of these flowers.
It is a lightheaded, a slightly crude poem about the stomach.We would hardly have had to work if we had no stomach in our system.All our problems begin from there, it is really too bad.
Table tops or tops wherever never go empty. It is so convenient to dump everything there and forget where their proper places are.Books and papers and boxes keep rising like young fold mountains and one is forever thinking of tidying them up one fine day.Inevitably guests call when on...
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