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Hi!! My name is Mrs. Nithya Venkat. Writing is my passion, nature my inspiration. I write about topics that interest me.
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Cell phones transmit and receive radio waves that are electromagnetic radiations. These radiations are non-ionizing and are not harmful but constant exposure to these emissions can cause irreversible damage.
Lead pencils are not made of lead. They are made of a non-toxic material called graphite. This article is all about how the lead pencils came into existence.
Passing your exams with good scores is easy when you know how. Writing exams will be a lot easier when you start preparing early and not wait till the last minute. Hard work and perseverance will help you pass your exams with high scores.
Parenting is not easy, but it can be an enjoyable experience. Parenting can turn out be a great journey for you and your child if you are loving, patient, kind, caring and considerate.
As we walk along the path of life, life can get tough and you may feel like giving up. Never give up, pray. A prayer will help you throughout your journey.
A second chance in life is a gift from the heavens above. Not many get a second chance.
The day may be a long and a tough one, but you can breeze through the day if you start the day on the right note. The question how do we accomplish this task. It may seem difficult at first, but it is not an impossible task. This article is about things that you can do to start the d...
We invest for the future spending hours planning how we are going to invest, what we are going to invest and what will be the returns in the near future. We consult financial experts, check out the web, ask friends and relations for advice and make sure we research thoroughly before w...
This article is all about snow. Snow forms when water vapor suspended in the air condenses directly into ice crystals, read on to know more about snow.
The fear of flying has haunted many people. The very thought of flying makes life miserable for them. The fear of flying has prevented people from meeting near and dear ones. It has also prevented them from visiting great destinations. Here are ways that you can overcome the fear of ...
This is a poem that I wrote thinking about the many mysteries of life that we still do not know the answers to. Navigating through the maze of life am seeking a path to enlightenment. Expressing all these thoughts in my poem - Quest Of Life.
This is a poem that I wrote expressing how I see my mom in me. I can see my mother in so many ways within myself.
This is a figment of my imagination, you can interpret it as you want and do let me know what you came to understand in the comment section below. Eagerly waiting to read your comments.
The ears can keep themselves clean. There is no need for you to clean your ears. Read on to know the reasons why.
This is a short story, a flash fiction about a boy rushing home. With courage in his heart he keeps going, running as fast as his legs could take him.
Revenge is an action that causes harm and makes another person suffer. Revenge may feel good for the moment but taking revenge has many consequences, not so good ones, believe me.
These are poems that I wrote to depict what a true Valentine can be. Poems to describe the joy in your heart of having found your true Valentine, partners together forever bonded by love,
There are many free word game apps that will keep you entertained for hours. You will get addicted to these games and will find it difficult to put your iPhone down. I have downloaded these apps and have played them all and I can tell you that these word games are great fun and chal...
The word "white" is not just a color, it has many meanings when associated with other words used in different contexts.
White Vinegar is useful in many ways. Here are the ten uses of white vinegar, read on.
This is a poem to say thank you to the almighty Lord for giving us all that we need and much, much more.
This article will take you through ways to help you boost your brain power and prevent age related memory loss.
Self-esteem is all about how good or bad you feel about yourself. This article will take you through ways you can improve your self-esteem.
Mediation helps to improve your life in many ways. The practice of mediation helps you to be calm and composed in daily life, read on to know more about meditation.
This article is about vitamin B12 that is important to keep you healthy and your body working efficiently.
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