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I am a 49 year old journalist, and have been involved in the profession for 19 years. I am currently a newspaper sub-editor at a newspaper group in Port Elizabeth on the east coast of South Africa. .
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What to me constitutes the perfect cappuccino especially as so many restaurants and take-out concerns are into the cappuccino trade
An offbeat look at how in a world where we strive for convenience and instant results, we are sometimes disappointed
Corporal punishment outlawed, but are today's kids really benefitting from this move?
Tips on how the average man who is not an expert cook can cope when it comes to making and preparing food in the kitchen.
An opinion piece that looks at the correlation between money/wealth and happiness, that says that money is not equal to happiness.
Quotable quotes that I have conjured up myself to make people think about the world around them
A cockatiel-lover's take on how to buy cockatiels/parakeets and the care that must be taken when purchasing such a pet
A family man who likes his cooking has found a quick and easy way to make spaghetti bolognaise
Limited Overs cricket records broken at the Wanderers in Johannesburg in a match between South Africa and the West Indies
Why going to the gym sometimes is not for the faint-hearted
A short story of relationships in a farming village called Thorn Grove and how these relationships prosper/progress or are threatened by certain events
Relationships in a farming village called Thorn Grove and how these relationships are under threat due to a variety of circumstances
Iconic Port Elizabeth saxophonist, Dudley Tito is 71-years old and still playing his horn to entertain jazz lovers
The ups and downs of New Years resolutIons; but it's more about thinking about oters first rather than yourself!
Relationships in a village called ThornGrove and how they impact on people, the community
A fictional account of relationships and problems in a farming village called Thorn Grove
Fictional account of relationships and events in a farming village called Thorn Grove
fictional account of relationships in a village called thorn grove
A short story in chapter about youth and their experiences on a farm called Thorn Grove
The relationships that are formed by people when they are young and how due to unforeseen circumstances they have to go their separate ways one day. And as you get older you sometimes wonder what happened to that person (s)
Young people and relationships in their youth before separated by circumstances
This short story is about relationships formed when people are young before they go their separate ways.
This article contains a visit to Robben Island and in particular Nelson Mandela's cell
The Press corps interviews jazz guitarist George Benson before his show at Nelson Mandela Bay Jazz Festival in May 2010
A trip to South Africa's tough and cold former maximum security prison, Robben Island, where struggle icon Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years.
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