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A self-employed professional...I enjoy studying and analyzing human behavior.
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This is for those who believe in after life. The soul sheds a body and waits for another in a place we call heaven. It is the resting time for the soul, to recuperate from the excesses of the life left behind.
Suicide, an escape for those who commit it, but pain for those left behind. Is life really so cruel or are we missing the right perspective. Lets not give it up so cheap.
"This is probably the most devastating feeling I've ever felt. It's like a void inside, an emptiness inside that only time will heal." ~ Brandon Worthy
Friendships forged during childhood are the purest. Hearts connect even when no other common ground exists. Running into old friends and re-living the past can be divine, very liberating. Read on for such pleasure.
Parents, God's biggest present to us. Infant to teenager and then an adult, we are like clay in their hands. They make us what we are. In my future lives too, I want them to be my guiding force. Here's a Birthday gift for you, Dad.
A spirit-calling session...a true story. Believe it or not, it is a first hand experience.
In this jet age we look for instant gratification and what gets sacrificed on the altar is relationships....lets slow down and shield what is precious.
Frequent transfers and new schools can be overwhelming. Patience, motivation from parents and teachers can help. Few leaves from my childhood, bitter and on!
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