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Legal Advantage llc
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Legal Advantage provides intellectual property services for patent illustrations, drawing, design, drafting, patent search and prior art search, patent translations, and patent animations.
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Patent database searching is an important aspect of any technical innovation and development today. It is estimated that over a million patents are being published annually, of which more than 90% are not available in any other form of publication1. The information contained within th...
As of May 13th, 2015, inventors in the United States have new options for filing design patents in over 62 countries in one stroke.
Bioremediation encompasses a broad range of techniques within itself. Different methods to treat polluted site are phytoremediation, phytostabilization, phytosequestration, biostimulation, bioattenuation, phytoextraction, phytotransformation, phytovolaization, rhizofiltration. biovent...
Drawings are the foundation of any patent application, whether it is a provisional or non provisional application. Therefore, it is imperative to abide by the guidelines of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to ensure that the drawings are clear and the patent passe...
The USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office) has the following guidelines for what can be patented
In the FY2011 budget announcement last week, the Obama Administration proposed a program to bring to market some of the over one million patents held by Universities and Colleges.
You wouldn't hire a pilot without ensuring he or she know how to fly a plane would you? How can a hard working patent illustration company better serve its clients and their clients? It can sometimes come down to hiring people with that inborn ability to quickly and accurately visuali...
Is your patent novel? We provide highly qualified timely Patentability / Novelty Search. Our experts are Trained by examiners to think like examiners. Patentability services include Patent Watch, Novelty, Freedom to Operate and other services.
Secure your patent, verify their expiration date, negotiate licenses. Legal Advantage provides Freedom to Operate / Right to Use Search or Clearance search Services. Our Freedom to operate/ Right to use search experts use the latest patent tools.
Design patents are based on the ornamental aspects of surface decoration, aesthetic configuration, appearance and shape of an item. In contrast to a utility patent, a design patent is issued for aesthetic features for a new or an improved outward appearance; however, the subject claim...
Accurate representation of an object’s form is critical to the success of a design patent, and in many cases utility patents use shading as a tool to ease the examiner’s readability of a figure.
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