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I am a single father, 49, raising a young child. I am a Pisces on the Aquarius cusp and according to Myers-Biggs I am a "Conceptualist" with intuitive thinking and intuitive feeling qualities, making me more of a minority thinker in society. All this means to me is that I seem to see and feel things that most people do not. At the same time I am extremely open minded to the universe, it's energy and the effects on our lives.......makes for interesting conversation and I enjoy the diversity we all share.
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Whether you are struggling in this current economy, or not on the best of terms with an ex-spouse, or just having a hard time with balancing the day to day life of single parenthood.... you are NOT alone.
At 49 I have observed many relationship issues that could of been avoided if only both parties understood each other and human nature in general. The so called experts will all tell you something different, BUT in reality it all comes down to understanding yourself and who YOU are be...
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