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I am a single father of two children. For the past several years I have worked from my home. I have worked as an employee, an independent contractor and as a home based business owner. I currently operate a home based medical billing company, a home based real estate investment company and am also a direct seller/network marketer. The primary focus of my writing will be working from home and will include information about both home based employment and home based businesses. I will also include reviews of freelance and home based business opportunities.
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Alpine Access was one of the first virtual call centers to hire home based workers and seem to always be hiring. They offer home based jobs, not a business opportunity, so there are no sign up fees. You may need to invest in some equipment to do the work and they do require a backgrou...
Anyone looking for a home based business opportunity or home based employment has likely come across an ad for work at home medical claims processing. I constantly see ads online, in magazines, newspapers and direct mail circulars. I have reviewed many of these opportunities and am of...
By now we all know someone or know of someone who works from home. It seems as though everyone wants to work at home and I am frequently asked how to find home based work. There are two ways in which people work from home. They either are employed by a company that allows them to work...
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