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Write poetry mainly
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Recent pages by Taty

Can certainly tell my daughter takes after her mother when it comes to English SO PROUD
A poem I wrote when I was watching the rain race down my bedroom window
As a young girl is a poem about finding out love isn't perfect or ideal and yet it remains forever with you
Feeling like you are caged by the people you thought you could trust, falling in love with people you aren't supposed to
Falling in love and both people feeling the same way about each other. It's about not being able to find the words to express what this other person means to you
A poem about everything you thought you knew crashing down around you even though you believed it would always remain
A job interview doomed from the very beginning no luck
About giving up on love and all the memories still surrounding you even though things weren't what they seemed.
A story about a failed relationship and then finding the person who it all works with
A retelling of a time when there was confusion in my past, hope no-one judges me too bad
A poem about bullying and standing up for those who feel that no-one ever cared
A poem about realizing that even though you grow up you always remember your first love
A short letter explaining why I haven't wrote for a long while my apologies
The first novel I have worked on and wanted to show people since I feel it is the best story I have wrote in a while.
A poem of a love that outlasts the negative sides and makes you realise that you are made to be together
Finding out the boy you love loves you back and he didn't want to be with the girl you thought he was with... Very first poem I ever wrote
A poem about losing a friend you thought would always be there for you but realising that they never are
The magic that we call love, two people drawn to one another from when they first meet
A poem about realising that everything you need has been there right from the start and that it may take a while to notice but when you do it's beautiful.
The hot new boy falling for the nerdy girl who is always alone. True love
A poem about losing someone but still loving them unconditionally because of what they gave you to remember all the best memories
A little poem I thought of when I got bored and I was reading Pride and Prejudice ;D
A love poem about feeling loved and secure in a relationship with someone who you can relate.
poem about falling in love and why you fell for the other person
A relationship that is all in the papers and someone fights back
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