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I am a mother of two teenage girls, living on a farm where we raise award-winning Corriedale Sheep. I have homeschooled for 11 years and currently own a homeschool curriculum store. I enjoy writing about homeschooling, animals and mysteries of the Bible.
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Combining a love of geocaching and the thrill of Fear Factor creates one fun day worth remembering!
There are a wide variety of careers available for those who want to dedicate their lives to working with animals.
Raising baby chicks is fun and very easy with just a few basic guidelines.
Many people believe that Satan is a fallen angel-- but is that what the Bible actually teaches?
The Nephilim (giants) of Genesis may return one day...what does the Bible say?
A perspective on a gentler way of living--self-sufficiency and eco-friendly.
One cat's fantasy knows no limits--the world is his catbox!
A gathering of friends at the beach for some fun in the sun!
Chlamydia in sheep is caused by a bacterial infection with the potential to devastate the whole flock.
Alpacas and sheep, along with dogs, birds and long-haired humans are all contributing to the clean-up of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
How to use the Famacha system to treat haemonchus contortus (Barber pole worm) in sheep and goats
Giants in the Earth (1927), the first in a trilogy, is an epic tale by Ole Edvart Rolvaag.
The book "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis, the first volume in a trilogy, gives us a view of the human condition from an outsider's perspective.
A timeline enhances learning and can easily be constructed for the classroom at home.
Raising meat rabbits is a good choice for the homesteader.
In order to get all the ins and outs of Abeka homeschooling materials you can easily access their website,, or view their catalog. This will give you the costs, scope and sequence of all grades and subjects, and variety of program options. What I would like to do is give...
Angus MacAskill was billed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the Tallest and Strongest Man (non-pathological) in the 1981 edition. He is recorded as standing seven feet nine inches tall and weighing 425 pounds. His tales are legendary; stories show him to be a gentleman and a r...
There are a number of career options available in the field of Animal Welfare. Positions exist that will appeal to a variety of interests and talents, and are appropriate for different education levels. Often on-the-job training is available for those without previous experience.
The cheerful House Finch is found at most backyard feeders in America. Originally from the western United States, north to British Columbia and south to Mexico, the House Finch now covers most of the U.S. In the 1940s pet stores in Long Island are credited with releasing contraband bi...
An independent review of Bob Jones University Press homeschooling textbook curriculum.
Udder edema, or caked bag, in cows is the swelling of the udder and surrounding structures due to retention of fluid just prior to and during calving.
If your dog begins to show signs of patchy fur and excessive itching the culprit could be mange. Canine mange is a general term used for several skin conditions in dogs caused by mites: sarcoptic mange and demodectic mange.
Mastitis is a disease that is present in virtually every dairy herd in the world to some degree. One third of all cows have it. This disease costs farmers an estimated $200 per cow annually in control, treatment, reduced milk production and discarded milk. This disease causes the larg...
Minoxidil (Rogaine) is used by men and women for hair loss. It is considered by the medical community to be very safe. This is one story of a woman who used it with nearly disastrous results.
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