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Awarded Facebook Security Researcher. Script, Screenplay and Dialogue Writer. Poet and Lyricist. YouTuber and Blogger. Programmer. Ambitious.
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A day before Eid by Pakistan to India is heavy firing in Poonch sector Medhr. Pakistan on Sunday, the fourth day of the six checkpoints were targeted by the BSF. Medhr morning Mnkot sector has been firing from the Pakistani side. This is the 9th time in Pakistan this week Ceasefire w...
After one month, on this Sunday WWE Night of Champion. The Night of fights. The night of wrestling comes yesterday. Matches are were awesome. and if you have seen these matches then you surely like all these.
These days India PM is trying to make India better and he wants to see India as developing countries. All Indian citizens wants to India as a great developing country and hope so soon India will became a developed country in near years.
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